GESTRA History


The industrial age had just started when Gustav Friedrich Gerdts founded his enterprise on Oct. 29, 1902. He started as a young unknown person without any financial resources, but he had a lot of new ideas.

  • Optimisation of steam and energy saving in industry
  • Increase of operational reliability
  • Efficient condensate discharge

Aims which enjoy highest priority even today, over 100 years later. 

1902 - Foundation of the company in Bremen
1907 - Renamed into Gustav F. Gerdts KG
1951 - Foundation of Production Facilities TECHNOVA
1956 - Foundation of the first Subsidiary in France
1957 - Foundation of the Subsidiary in Spain 
1961 - Foundation of further Subsidiaries in England, Italy and Brazil
1962 - Gustav F. Gerdts GmbH & Co. KG
1968 - GESTRA KSB Vertriebsgesellschaft
1976 - Foundation of GESTRA Inc. in the USA
1983 - Conversion into GESTRA AG
1988 - Incorporation into the SIEBE PLC.
1994 - Incorporation of UNIVAM GmbH
1995 - Incorporation of P&W Ventil- und Regler-Service GmbH
1997 - Conversion into GESTRA GmbH
1999 - GESTRA & INVENSYS plc.
2002 - Incorporation into FLOWSERVE
2004 - Conversion into GESTRA AG
2017 - Incorporation into Spirax Sarco Engineering plc.

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