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Case Study

Oil refinery

Steam conditioning station helps oil refinery meet US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations for hydrocarbon emissions.

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A major global energy provider, capable of processing over 2 million barrels of crude oil per day with refineries in the US, UK and Germany, was not meeting US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations for hydrocarbon emissions.

Their Los Angeles refinery was experiencing issues with its flare systems. Flares are used within refineries to safely and efficiently burn off hydrocarbons during upset conditions or when a section of the facility is non-operational. As a result excess hydrocarbons were being released into the atmosphere and the refinery was at risk of being shut down.

Engineer inspecting refinery equipment


As a steam and condensate business partner, GESTRA was contacted to find a solution. After investigating, it was apparent that the problem was that the flares were located several thousand feet away from the source of steam generation. This meant that by the time the steam reached the flare it was wet.

As a result the ultrasonic flowmeter used to measure and control steam was unable to provide a consistent accurate flow measurement. Therefore steam control to the flare was poor resulting in inefficient flame control and increased emissions.

The solution was to install a steam conditioning station, consisting of a separator with a ball float trap, upstream of the ultrasonic flowmeter to remove the excess moisture and improve steam quality. 


Once installed and commissioned the flowmeter began to perform accurately leading to improved steam flow control and eradicating excessive hydrocarbon emissions. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) were pleased with the solution and the refinery avoided being shut down. This major global energy provider repeated this solution in 5 more locations and is considering making this a standard for their other US refineries.

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