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Case Study

Power plant

Coal-fired power plant in Sweden improves control valve performance to save energy and reduce maintenance time.

Customer benefits


The customer was experiencing leaks from the trim and seat erosion of a main steam control valve serving a steam turbine on 1 of 2 boilers.  The 10" steam control valve did not match the requested control range, and frequent trim and seat erosion was increasing maintenance costs to replace spare parts.

Engineer working on power generation


A GESTRA engineer walked the plant, analyzed the situation, and presented a reliable tailored solution to the customer.  They proposed using a second valve as a start-up valve to handle the required control performance.  Both valves had been manufactured to control the steam to the turbine in the best way and to match the given piping material and dimensions.

GESTRA's technical solution included the following products:


Main Valve: ZK 610, 10", 1-stage radial trim, Kvs 880 (Cv 1017), material 1.4903 / F 91


Design 203 bar / 548°C


Start-up Valve: ZK 613, 10", 2-stage radial trim, Kvs 250 (Cv 289), material 1.4903 / F 91


Summary of technical solution

  • Ideal for service applications in steam, condensate and water cycles
  • Handling high differential pressure
  • Zero leakage tight shut-off trim
  • Excellent control performance
  • Low noise level


The customer experienced a remarkable reduction in the leaks and erosion from their control valves. Maintenance had become more straightforward as trims were resistant to wear and tear and became much simpler to maintain. Now experiencing reliability in their system, they were confident of its ability to handle various operating conditions and maintain uptime.

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