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Case Study

Chemicals company

A German chemicals company were experiencing energy losses within their steam trap population.

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A well-known chemicals company based in Germany were experiencing energy losses within their steam trap population.  There are many applications that rely on steam in a chemical plant, and a healthy steam trap population is essential for productive day-to-day operations.  Finding the right partner to work with, in order to build the safest and most efficient process, was essential.  Their long-term relationship with GESTRA was key to achieving the results they were looking for.

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The chemical company needed to implement a process of steam trap testing that would help them to ascertain the health and performance of their steam system.  By identifying failed steam traps, they could replace them early, maintaining product quality and achieving vital energy savings.

The German Government's "Energy Scouts" initiative provided the perfect opportunity to put a process in place in partnership with GESTRA. The company arranged training for a group of their apprentices and purchased a number of VKP 40 Ex ultrasonic testers from GESTRA.

The VKP 40 Ex ultrasonic tester is an easy-to-use mobile testing kit that identifies failed steam traps.  Apprentices were tasked with conducting their own audits to identify where steam traps needed replacing.


With GESTRA's support and advice, this large chemical company has made energy savings of up to 20%.

By implementing a steam trap testing process with GESTRA's VKP 40 Ex, the company was able to identify where and when they needed to replace failed steam traps.

The company are now able to maintain peak efficiency, safe in the knowledge that they can rely on the expertise of GESTRA in this complex industry.

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