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Case Study

Chemicals company

A chemicals company was looking for a safe solution to help them to process purchased steam as it entered their facility.

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The chemicals company supplies environmentally friendly, flame-retardant fillers and oxides to a rapidly growing market.  To produce their highly specialized products, raw materials undergo a complex chemical process. 

This includes thermal conversions in large autoclaves that require precise and reliable temperature control.  Since the company purchase steam from a nearby power generation plant, the steam is delivered at a temperature and pressure that is not suitable for the required process.  The chemicals company needed a solution that would help them to process the steam entering their facility, consistently meeting Safety Integrity Levels (SIL).   This would require specialist equipment that was both reliable and tailored for its purpose.

Contol valve for servere services


The chemicals company brought in GESTRA to consult, providing technical steam and condensate advice.  Their aim was to suggest the correct equipment to use and to propose a solution. 

Exclusively using GESTRA's own products and engineering expertise, GESTRA was able to create a customized solution for this chemical company.   By Introducing GESTRA's ZK control valve, KD desuperheater, TRS 5-50 safety temperature ilmiters, UNA 45 and VD pressure flash tank to the chemical company's system, GESTRA were able to provide them with a reliable end-to-end solution.

The design reduced the pressure of steam entering the facility and incorporated cooling technologies that provided a consistent, accurate, and reliable temperature for their delicate chemical processes.


The chemicals company experienced additional positive outcomes through the installation of this solution.

The inclusion of GESTRA's ZK control valves delivered a safe and reliable pressure reduction of almost 735 psig, as well as ensuring the correct temperature monitoring of the autoclave process.
A further benefit was the opportunity for heat recovery through condensate collected from the flash tank to be used for auxiliary services, thereby helping the company to save energy.

Due to a strong understanding of Steam using processes found in Chemical manufacturing, GESTRA were able to provide a ""one-stop shop"" solution.  From consultation to design and commissioning, GESTRA provided this chemical company with production continuity and peace of mind.

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