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ePLAN Data Portal

GESTRA components for steam boiler equipment and ancillaries

The components from our SPECTORmodul series of boiler house controls are now also available on ePLAN. 

The ePLAN data portal gives you direct online access to our product catalog. 

From here, you can find components and utilize them using “drag & drop”, cutting the time you spend on project planning and increasing the quality of your system documentation.

The time saved by utilizing ePLAN from the beginning of the planning phase has carry-through benefits all the way to commissioning, because the equipment shown in various system drawings always stems from the same source. 

This enables you to read and interpret circuit diagrams much faster.

  • Find equipment data fast
  • Standardized, intelligent, international engineering data
  • Spend minimal time on entering and updating master data
  • Much quicker project planning than the manual process
  • Increased quality of documentation
  • Supports interdisciplinary processes

ePLAN data portal

Save time on project planning with the ePLAN portal, the easy way to access component and engineering data.

Access ePLAN data portal